FakeSMC with plugins and HWSensors.app

credits:Kozlek and Nathan ZALKIN FakeSMC with plugins and HWSensors.app…[► GO TO DOWNLOAD]

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Gigabyte Z77X-D3H USB issue

Hi again :)First post in quite a longtime but I have been loitering and reading things :)Over the last 3 weeks or so I have suddenly started getting USB freezes, had a google around at some possible fixes but none seem to have helped, although it does seem to be VIA USB3.0 related. The freezes are totally random and I cant seem to make the happen under certain circumstances.Just wondering if

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ATI bsod help.

Hi guys im having trouble with ATI at the moment , i keep getting BSOD and the culprit seems to be atimdag.sysNow ive googled this and tried to follow the guide where u expand the file in cmd but I keep getting cannot open input file and I dont know how to change the path to the file.Ive done a fresh install of latest amd drivers and beta drivers an i still keep getting BSOD on both.It only

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